داڕێژە:R with possibilities

  • ئەمە ڕەوانەکەرە لە a subject that potentially could be expanded into an article or other type of associated Wikipedia page. The topic described by the title is more detailed than what is currently provided on the target page, or section of that page. For more information, follow the category link.
    • When the target page becomes too large, this redirect may be replaced with an article carved out of the target page. See also Template:R to section, and when appropriate, use both together.
    • Conversely, if the topic is not susceptible to a major expansion, tag instead with Template:R to section, or Template:R to list entry, depending on how the topic should be handled.
    • Do not replace links to this redirect with a link directly to the target page.
  • Note: The above category link is to داڕێژە:Cat because this is a template page. In any other namespace this rcat will both show and sort to داڕێژە:Cat. This note only appears on this page – it will not appear on redirects.
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