First of all, if bot does his job well, so why it has not done anything to pages like these ڕیڤاڵدۆ, کورد?

Please look at test page: user:Xqt/Test2. If its possible run bot on this page; you can see that it does not make change on "2000" that shoulde be "٢٠٠٠", only because its a link. we decide to not making changes on links for not change in [[fa:XXX]] and [[ar:XXX]] that include persian and arabic letters.

Now I want to ask you to change bots code, to change linke expect this two links [[fa:XXX]] and [[ar:XXX]]. because not changing links has created some problem

did you got the point? is it possible?

thanks --MarMzok لـێدوان-- ١٣:٣٥, ١١ ئایار ٢٠١٠ (UTC)

Hm, the point is nowiki>fa:XXX</nowiki> and [[ar:XXX]]. are interwiki links. Changing them would break the link leading to the right page on an other site. -Xqt ١٥:٠٠, ٢ حوزەیران ٢٠١٠ (UTC)

Me again: I've run my bot on Test2 and it changed the link as expected leaving interwiki links as is. This is the given behavior. What should be changed? -Xqt ١٥:٠٦, ٢ حوزەیران ٢٠١٠ (UTC)

rule for pagenamesدەستکاری

Here rule for pagenames: user:Marmzok/rule_fa_bot--MarMzok لـێدوان-- ١٧:٣٧, ١١ حوزەیران ٢٠١٠ (UTC)


do you see here?--MarMzok لـێدوان-- ١٤:٣٣, ١٤ تەمموز ٢٠١٠ (UTC)

Hi marmzok, I am sorry but I am currently very busy. Please be patient. Thanks. Xqt ١٨:٠٠, ٢٧ تەمموز ٢٠١٠ (UTC)

This section causes error for archive bot because in ckb wiki name of month changed from تەمموز to تەممووز in mediawiki system. I think it doesn't need fixing since I'm signing here ;) Ladsgroup (لێدوان) ‏١٧:٢٥، ١٨ی ئەیلوولی ٢٠١٤ (UTC)